Sebastien Bonneau

May 4, 2017

Power Lead System – Thursday Marketing Training

Intro One Hour of Free Internet Marketing Training Every Thursday (Every Thursday at 10:00pm Est. for 1 hour of LIVE free training!) center no-repeat;center top;; Last training session Last training session no-repeat;center top;; MicroPresentations with PowerPoint 06 April 2017 How to create sales with micro-presentations using powerpoint in your marketing… no-repeat;center top;; YouTube Basics 30 March 2017 How to turn youtube into your personal email autoresponder and traffic machine… no-repeat;center top;; PLS Marketing Funnel Creation 23 March 2017 How to create leads and prospects on demand online and offline… no-repeat;center top;; Master Inviter Training + Blog Content Training 16 March […]
May 4, 2017

MLM Gateway Spring Referral Contest

Intro Are you a MLM Gateway member ? No ? It’s time to create your FREE account and enter the MLM Gateway spring contest. You can win up to win 3000$ without buying any products or services from this platform. If you are looking to generate more sales (or referrals) for your online business, this platform is for you. You will reach people interested in network marketing and new business opportunities. no-repeat;center top;; Create Your Free Account and Win 3000$ center icon-right-bold left 4 no-repeat;center top;;
March 20, 2017

Broke Man’s Plan – Step #1 (Lead Lightning)

Intro Many people are asking me more details about the Broke Man’s Plan. I decided to break this strategy into easy steps. The strategy is all explained in details with a video series here, but I will describe the strategy step by step.. The Broke Man’s Plan is not a product or service. It’s only the name of the method we use to make money online. It will help you to build your online business or scale your current one. This strategy will work for any online business. no-repeat;center top;; Get the Broke Man’s Plan strategy for FREE center […]
March 16, 2017

How To Get 10 000 followers on Twitter in less than 60 days

Intro Today, I decided to show you my strategy to increase your followers on Twitter. Why would you like to increate your numbers of followers ? The main reason is to get more people in front of what you have to show (or sale). As an online marketer, I’m using this strategy to sale all my offers on Twitter. It will work for any niche (online marketing, make money online, music, author, etc.) I started to be active on Twitter on july 2016. Before this date, I didn’t use Twitter at all. In less than two months, I build my […]