The Best Lead Generation – August 2017

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July 28, 2017
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October 10, 2017

The Best Lead Generation - September 2017

Happy September 2017 !

I decided to start writing about a new subject on my blog, "lead generation". I posted many of my results on my Facebook wall without any details about how i'm generating my leads, in others words, "how i'm building my list".

This is why I decided to write a new blog post about my results for each month of the year. I will start with the month of september.

in September, I mainly promote my 500$ per day business. The main idea is to capture your lead with a landing page and then, show to your new prospects your business or your opportunity you want to promote. I love to promote this funnel because it's a "all done" for you funnel. You only have to set up your affiliate link and everything is set for you. Now, you have to focus on traffic to get people in front of this offer. These results below show you how many leads I got with this landing page. You can see how many leads I generated for each of my traffic sources I used.

# Leads
Free Lead System Forever20
My main landing page20
My Blog3

Total New Leads September 2017 : 192

Let’s hope October will be better !
These statistics is the result of my own marketing effort and only shows you what works for me. These results can be different for your business. You need to monitor your traffic to find out which traffic are the best for your pages. You can get the exact same tracking tools that I use by joining

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