How To Buy Your First Traffic Package From MLMLeads

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May 11, 2017
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MLMLeads offers really good targeted traffic for your online business. This site is designed to give you leads on demand with their features "MyAutoPilot Web Traffic - National". I will show you how to create your account and buy your first traffic package with MLMLeads.

You will see my last 40 clicks I bought 2 days ago. Leads from MLMLeads are people looking for a business opportunity.

Personnaly, I'm expecting 20% to 30% of optin rate. This is the range you can expect. Of course, it depends of your landing page.

While I was writing this article, my traffic started coming on my landing page. I got one optin on my first click. It's not a joke! This is what you can see on the next two screenshots.
Now, let's show you how to buy your first traffic package on MLMLeads...

#1 - Choose your traffic package

MLMLeads offers you 7 packages of traffic from 40 cilcks to 2550 clicks. The more clicks you buy the less it will cost you per click. It will vary from 0.88$ to 1.18$ per click.

When you order your first package, I recommend to start with 40 clicks and see how it works. Then, buy more clicks with your income from your primary business and scale your online business that way. I also recommend to track all your clicks to help you to maximise each dollars spent on traffic. As I mentioned on previous post, I'm using ClickMagick to track my click.

#2 - Fill your billing information

On the billing page, you will have to choose the company you are promoting. In my case, I was buying clicks for "Power Lead System" . MLMLeads gives good quality leads for this marketing system.

#3 - Provide the URL of your landing page

On the next page, you will have to give your landing page's URL. You only have to enter your URL on the comment field.

#4 - Choose your payment method

#5 - Confirm that your read the term of service

You are almost done.

#6 - The confirmation page

In conclusion, this is a really good way to promote any online business. It's a little bit costly at the beginning, but you will get more sales with this strategy than any other free traffic method. I'm not saying that you won't get sales from other traffic sources, but MLMLeads will give you quickly results.

In the next few days, I will post more results of my last traffic I received. Come back to my blog to see these results ...

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