February 16, 2017

How to get traffic for your offers with TrafficAdBar

center Intro Today, I will show you a good traffic source, called TrafficAdBar, that will bring you daily views for your offers at no cost for you. This is perfect for any offers that is related to online marketing, affiliate marketing, business opportunity, etc. I chose this plateform, because it’s free to join and you can get really good traffic from it. I will also show you a way to get on higher level quicker 😉 no-repeat;center top;; Step by step guide to apply the same strategy Step by step guide to apply the same strategy 1- Create an account […]
December 5, 2016

How to track your online traffic without losing money

Introduction First of all, tracking your online traffic is a must when you are doing online marketing. All top leaders are tracking their traffic to scale their online business at a higher level. If you don’t track your clicks, you can’t know what is working and what you can’t leave behind and focus on thing that really works. Amateur are too often sending traffic to their offer without capturing their leads and without tracking it (I will talk about how to capture your leads later). If you want to succeed online, don’t shoot in the dark, otherwise you will loose your […]