May 17, 2017

How To Generate Leads And Build Your List From Safelist

Intro Are you struggling to generate leads and sales for your online business ? To generate leads, you must generate traffic to your landing page. I saw to many people sending traffic directly to their programs signup page without capturing their leads. You must capture your leads before sending them to your offers. There are many ways to capture your leads. This article will show you one strategy to capture them for free. There are a lot of ways to generate traffic online, but to often, people don’t know where to start and what to do. This article has been […]
May 15, 2017

How To Use Herculist to Promote Power Lead System (Lead Lightning)

Intro Two days ago, I met someone in the official Facebook group of Power Lead System and we started to talk together. She talked about her traffic source called “Herculist”. This is a safelist that it gave her sales on the first day. I decided to take a look at that site and I joined this site as a PRO member. As soon as I joined, I decided to send my first post to all members. The exact same thing that my friend told me. And guest what ? I make a sale (a GOLD member in my main program […]