How To Generate Leads And Build Your List From Safelist

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May 15, 2017
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July 28, 2017

Are you struggling to generate leads and sales for your online business ?

To generate leads, you must generate traffic to your landing page. I saw to many people sending traffic directly to their programs signup page without capturing their leads.

You must capture your leads before sending them to your offers. There are many ways to capture your leads. This article will show you one strategy to capture them for free.

There are a lot of ways to generate traffic online, but to often, people don't know where to start and what to do.

This article has been writing to guide you with traffic source called "Safelist".

What Is A SafeList website ?

Safelists are email subscribers agreed to receive mails from other advertisers to earn credits to mail their own websites. You can receive hundreds of emails a day, and you can mail to thousands members per day for earning credits in mails.

One tip I can give you when you start using Safelists is to create a gmail accound only to receive emails from safelists website. There will be hundreds of emails from them and you don't want to manage them with your current email account.

The Best SafeList in 2017

In a future article, I will talk about each of these and I will show you how to use them.

My last article will give you all details about How to send emails to HercuList's member.


Your Viral Mailer

Build Your List With "Free Leads System Forever"

I will show you the exact same strategy I'm using to build my list from safelist website.

I will try to keep it simple, but if it's sounds complicated, don't hesitate to write a comment below.

Capturing leads from safelist, it's the easy part. You need a lead capture page and a safelist website from one of the list above.

To capture my leads, I'm using a system called "Free Leads System Forever". This system has pre-build captures pages and you can create your own capture page. The best thing about this program is it's free to use.

Of course, this system offers you upsell. The free version of this tool will give you everything you need to capture your leads.

If you want to earn more incomes from this marketing system, I recommend to upgrade to the level 1 called Lead Lightning. It's a one-time payment of 7$ and you will earn 6$ for every leads that will use this marketing system.

Safelists + Free Leads System Forever

After you join "Free Leads System Forever", you will receive your credentials for your backoffice from "Priceless Possibilities".

You will also receive an email from me with some details on how to use it.

Maybe, you will have to whitelist both of them to avoid receiving these emails in your spam folder.

My email will be from gmail starting with sebastien.**** (I put some wildcards on my email, to avoid get spam by online robots ;) ), but I'm sure, you will be able to find my email in your inbox.

In conclusion, Safelists are another way to generate traffic for your online offers. You can model this strategy to your own business or follow it step by step. If you have any questions about it, just leave me your comments below. You can also write me an email and it will be a pleasure to help you with this strategy.

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  1. jackson ngetich says:

    Great tips! Safelists can be extremely profitable if you know how to use them to get signups and sales.
    Here’s free PDF guide that shows you how to improve your results with safelists in order to drive converting traffic and leads for your offers:

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