How To Get 10 000 followers on Twitter in less than 60 days

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March 15, 2017
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Today, I decided to show you my strategy to increase your followers on Twitter.

Why would you like to increate your numbers of followers ? The main reason is to get more people in front of what you have to show (or sale). As an online marketer, I'm using this strategy to sale all my offers on Twitter. It will work for any niche (online marketing, make money online, music, author, etc.)

I started to be active on Twitter on july 2016. Before this date, I didn't use Twitter at all. In less than two months, I build my Twitter's audience and reach 10 000 followers. Pretty cool, isn't it ?

I'm still applying this strategy everyday. You will see below what you could expect with some of my results, but let's start with the strategy.

My stragegy

My stragegy is quite simple. This is my step by step guide :
  • You have to find someone in your niche (make money online, network marketing, affiliate marketing, etc...).
    This person has to have many followers (let's say more than 50K).
  • Everyday, you will have to follow 1000 followers from this person.
  • Wait some days (it could be from 2 to 10 days) and unfollow people who don't follow back you. You can use the Free version of ManageFlitter. This tool is really easy to use and the unfollow feature is free.
  • Repeat the last 2 steps and you will see your number of followers increase everyday.
Twitter has some limitations about the number of followers you can follower per day. I will explain it later.


  • Use a pinned tweet with something that people are looking for (not necessary your primary business). I gave away my free list buiding system for awhile on my pinned tweet (Free Lead System Forever) with pretty cool results.
  • As you follow more people, replace your source by another person in your niche. Let's say you are following John's followers (with 50 000 followers) and you found Peter with the same niche of you with 100 000 followers, then now, follow Peter's followers.

Proof & Progress & Results

As mentioned above, I started using twitter on july 21th 2016. Since that date, I'm applying this strategy. You can see some of my statistics.

My tweet impressions grows every month. This is mainly because I got new followers each month.

Another good indicators is the profil visits. As you can see, many people visit my profile each month.
Twitter's summary by month
Twitter's more stats

How many impressions could you expect ?

Impressions on Twitter is the number of time a person see one of your post. The more impressions you get, more sales you will make on Twitter.

In less than 6 months, I reached 1 000 000 impressions per month. This number will increase every month, because I still follow new people and new people follow me.
  • March 2017

  • February 2017

  • January 2017

  • December 2016

  • November 2016

  • October 2016

  • September 2016

  • August 2016

  • July 2016

Income Disclaimer:
My results are not typical. This proof of earning is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.


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