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February 2, 2017
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March 15, 2017
Today, I will show you a good traffic source, called TrafficAdBar, that will bring you daily views for your offers at no cost for you.

This is perfect for any offers that is related to online marketing, affiliate marketing, business opportunity, etc.

I chose this plateform, because it's free to join and you can get really good traffic from it. I will also show you a way to get on higher level quicker ;)

Step by step guide to apply the same strategy

1- Create an account on Traffic Ad Bar
2- Add your offer (your affiliate link) to Traffic Ad Bar
If you already has a landing page or an offer to promote, add it in this section.

If you are completely new in online marketing, I suggest to promote Free Lead System Forever on TrafficAdBar. This is completely free and you will start building your list. Your list will become an asset for your online business and you will be able to promote any offers in the futur and earn even more money from it.

You can get Free Lead System Forever with this button below. (be sure to check your spam folder to get emails from me and your credentials for your backoffice. Your affiliated link will be in your backoffice).
After you've added your website (your affiliate link) on TrafficAdBar, you should see something similar to the printscreen below (be sure, to set your website as primary).
As you can see on my TrafficAdBar account, I'm promoting a strategy called the "Broke Man's Plan". This is a good strategy to scale any online business or to start an online business from scratch. I will talk about it on another post.
3- Earn points to reach higher level and get more FREE traffic
Now, your goal is to reach level #10 or higher. On this level, you will get 1022 hits on your landing page every 3 days. Remember, all this traffic is 100% FREE.

To earn points, you have to watch other's offers with the red button "Click here to earn points NOW!".

But, there is another way to earn points ;) You can use HitLeap to generate traffic on your TrafficAdBar link (see all details below).

Earn more points on TrafficAdBar with HitLeap

1- Create an account on HitLeap
2- Download the HitLeap Viewer

It will be really important to leave this viewer open as much as you can (even 24h/7). This will generate "minutes" on HitLeap that we will use to send traffic to TrafficAdBar and earn more points on this site.

3- identify your TrafficAdBar link that we will use in HitLeap
4- Add a new website on HitLeap with your link from TrafficAdBar
That's all !!! ;)

Proof / Progress & Results

I will add some progress really soon...


  1. Tapan says:

    Very helpful reading but yet to implement.
    I have a free Adbar account but if you suggest
    and if allowed, I can open one thru” your link.

    • Sebastien Bonneau says:

      Thank you Tapan, but you can keep your current TrafficAdBar. It’s not necessary to open a new one under my link. But, if you need help with anything else, send me an email or comment on any posts, and I will do my best to help you with more content.

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