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May 17, 2017
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October 10, 2017
How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

It's been awhile since I post on my blog. I've been really busy with a new business.

This post will be short. I will give you a brief overview of my strategy to make money online.

This is the exact same strategy I'm using since I started online in 2015.

I decided to put it in one post to be easy for you to duplicate it and earn money online.

This is what you will need ...

1- A Money Faucet (LetsMultiply)

You need a program that will give you money over and over. This money will help you to scale your other businesses.

Right now, I'm using LetsMultiply. It's only 20$ to start and you will be able to earn multiple commissions from 10$ to 1000$.

I'm promoting this program on my facebook wall with really good result. You can see one of my Facebook post here.

You can copy / model this post in your own words and start making money from LetsMultiply.

2- A Marketing System (Power Lead System)

The marketing system is there to automate the process. It will send emails to your prospects automaticly (and much more).

Of course, you will earn money from it too with the affilaite program.

Power Lead System gives you a program called Lead Lightning for only 7$.

It will build your list and you will be able to upgrade later with money you will earn from your money faucet.

3 - Traffic from soloads for LetsMultiply and Lead Lightning

When you will earn enough money from LetsMultiply and Lead Lightning, you will be able to buy traffic from Udimi or MlmLeads.

You will send your traffic to your landing page of LetsMultiply or Lead Lightining.

This traffic will help you to generate leads and commissions for these two programs.

Now, repeat it every week and you will become financially free faster than you can imagine.

Come chat with me on facebook or leave your comment below.

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