How To Clean Your Aweber’s List ?

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December 5, 2016
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As you should know, every online marketer has to build his list to be able to make sales.

But do you want a bigger list or a list that will response to your email and buy from you time after time? The answer is quite simple. You want a list, regardless of the size, that will open your mail and click on your links.

As your list will grow, there will be people who will automaticly unsubscribe. That's fine, but don't keep them in your list because each inactive person on your list is a cost for your online business.

This is why I would like to show you how to clean your Aweber's list easily.

How to clean UNSUBSCRIBED people from your Aweber's list ?

This is the easiest way to clean your Aweber's list. People unsubscribed will be tagged as unsubscribed and it will be really easy to delete them.

As you can see from my Aweber's lists, I got some people in the column "Unsubscribed".

How To Delete Unsubcribed People- Step By Step Guide

1- Select your list by clicking on your list's name

As you can see, my list called "Power Lead System" has 28 subscribers and 1 person unsubscribe from that list. We will delete this person from my "Power Lead System"'s list.

2- On the top menu, click on "Subscribers / Manage Subscribers"

3- On the left menu, click on "Unsubscribed"

You will see all people who unsubsribed from that list. In this example, I have only one subscriber to delete, but when you do it on a regular basis, you will see more people in this section.

4- Delete subcribers

5- Confirm your action


In conclusion, I recommend to delete unsubscriber from any of your list to get a clean list.

Personnaly, I delete them every 2 weeks.

If you are looking to get an auto-responsder, Aweber gives you a 30-day Free Trial.


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