How To Get More Referrals (Sales) In Any Programs ?

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May 8, 2017
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May 13, 2017
Are you looking to get more referrals (sales) in your online business ? I will show you how I did to get sales (referrals) in my differents programs.

It will show you exactly how I started my online business with Power Lead System in 2016.

I used, and I'm still using Power Lead System to promote all my offers. Power Lead System is my marketing system and it gives me all tools needed to succeed online. I'm using incomes from Power Lead System to scale my other affiliated offers.

Let's show you my real story with Power Lead System...

My real story when I began in "affiliate marketing"

In January 2016, after one month of struggling to get my first sale, I decided to follow my mentor's advices. He told me to buy online traffic every week for 3 months to get a momentum. At that time, I decided to put a budget of 30$ of traffic every week. I sent all my traffic to my Power Lead System landing page as he told me.

The first week, I got one sale of 6$. I was really happy, but I was down by 24$.

The second week, I still bought 30$ of traffic, but I ddidn't make any sale. I was a little bit sad, but I knew I had to be consistent to get results.

The third week, I still purchased 30$ of traffic and guest what ? I didn't make any sale. I was starting to become really nervous. 5 days after I bought my third traffic package, I got one lead from my second traffic package who upgraded Power Lead System to the GOLD membership. This new GOLD member gives me a recurrent 20$ per month + 50% matching bonus on his entire payline commission. I will always remember this first sale.

The fourth and fifth week, I kept my focus on my 30$ of traffic and I got some 6$ commissions from my new leads.

And then BOOM! At the end of the second month, my gold member bought the Diamond package and I earned my first 100$ commissions.
At this moment, I was down by 16$ instead of 180$ (6 weeks at 30$ per week = 180$ minus my commissions, one Diamond at 100$ + 2 months with my GOLD member at 20$ per month + 4 commissions of 6$).

At the end of my first 3 months commitment, my cash balance was positive. I was more than happy. I knew it was the beginning of my own online business.

Some weeks later ...

Some weeks later, I was still doing this strategy and scale my online business with more traffic.

My one sale per month become 3 sales per month than 9 sales per month, than 19 sales per month, ... you see the pattern now.

Where are my best traffic sources

I'm currently using 2 traffic sources, UDIMI and MLMLeads . Udimi is a good traffic source with a price of 0.30$ to 0.70$ per click. I got pretty good results with MLMLeads too. The price per cilck is a little bit higher, but it worths it.

* You can create an Udimi account for free (no need to buy traffic to create it). * To create an account on MLMLeads you need to buy a traffic package.

Get better results by tracking your clicks

I wrote an article some weeks ago about how to get better optin rate and conversion rate from your traffic.

It all starts with ClickMagick.

I suggest to read my article about it :

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