How to track your online traffic without losing money

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December 20, 2016
First of all, tracking your online traffic is a must when you are doing online marketing.

All top leaders are tracking their traffic to scale their online business at a higher level. If you don't track your clicks, you can't know what is working and what you can't leave behind and focus on thing that really works. Amateur are too often sending traffic to their offer without capturing their leads and without tracking it (I will talk about how to capture your leads later).

If you want to succeed online, don't shoot in the dark, otherwise you will loose your money.

I've heard to many people in the past telling me that they want to recruit 5 news people in their business, but they really don't know how to do it.

Do you know how many visitors you need on your landing page before recruiting those 5 news team members ? Too often the answer is "NO". This post will help you to understand how to calculate it and the best way I found to track everything.

What is your monthly goal income ?

This is the first question you have to answer. How much do you want to earn each month ?

Regardless if you want to generate 1 000$ a month or 100 000$ a month, you have to translate this monthly goal in term of sales or recruits.

Let's say we want to earn 1 000$ every month.

Depending if you are doing affiliate marketing or if you are in a Multi-Level Marketing business, you will talk in term of recruits or sales. To keep the reading of this post simple, we will use the term "sale" instead of recruit.

How many sales do you need to reach your goal ?

1 000$ each month, nice ! But how many sales it's represent.

You have to translate your monthly income goal in term of sales. If each sale gives you 100$, to earn 1000$ each month, you will have to get 10 sales.

(your monthly goal / income per sale = number of sales needed)

(1000$ / 100$ = 10 sales)

How many leads do you need to get 10 sales ?

Now we know that we need 10 sales per month to earn 1 000$. How can I get these sales ? We need to find how many leads we have to generate to reach your 10 sales. But, how do you do that if you don't track your traffic. This is why you need to track your traffic to know these numbers.

Let's say you have two landing pages for the same offer and you tracked your optin rate on those pages for the last few weeks.

 Landing page ALanding Page B
(landing page sample)free-leads-system-landing-page-afree-leads-system-landing-page-b
Optin rate 35%20%
Conversion rate3%3%
Let's say we have a convertion rate of sales of 3% for each of them.

To convert these numbers into leads, the formula is simple. You have to take your number of sales needed and divide it by your convertion rate.

(10 sales / 3% = 334 leads)

I'm sure you know where I'm going... Your landing page A will take less time to reach your goal if we compare to landing page B. Right! But for this example let's show you the results for both of them.

 Landing page ALanding Page B
Number of leads needed334334
Congratulation, you now know that you need 334 leads to reach your goal of 1 000$ of earning per month.

We need the same number of leads for each landing page, because we have the same convertion rate (at 3%). Let's convert these leads into visitors.

How many visitors do you need to get 334 leads ?

Finally, visitors ! This is pretty easy to calculate. you have to use the optin rate of your landing page that we identify above.

 Landing page ALanding Page B
Optin rate 35%20%
Conversion rate3%3%
Number of leads needed334334
Formula(leads / optin rate)
(334 leads / 35%)
(leads / optin rate)
(334 leads / 20%)
Visitors needed9511665
As you can see, you will need more visitors on landing page B to reach your goal. If you don't track this kind of infomations, you will spend more money on advertising.

Don't worry if it seems complicated, because you can use tool like ClickMagick to monitor all those numbers. It will increase your conversion rate and keep your money in your pocket.

A great tool I made to understand how it works

I also created a tool to help you visualise how many visitors you will need to reach your goal. It's pretty easy to use. You have to specify each field with your number and the tool will automaticly tells you how many visitors you need to send on your landing page to reach your monthly income.

How much commission per sale ?$
How much is your goal ?$
What is the optin rate of your landing page ?%
What is the conversion of your landing page ?%
How much visitors do you need ? visitors

Proof / Progress / Results

I won't make an "HOW TO" on how to use ClickMagick on this post, because there are many videos and trainings on the website to help you. I just want to show you a sample of what I'm tracking with this tool.

This screenshot is my traffic for one of my tool called "Free Lead System Forever". A free tool to build your list and promote your business at the same time.

As you can see, I promote this program on many platform (Social Media (Twitter & Facebook), on my blog, on Leased Ad Space, Moneyline and via soloads from Udimi).

The column ACR represents the optin rate.
The column A represents the number of leads got from each traffic source.
Some of these traffics sources are free and some are paid. This is why it's so important to track your traffic. By doing this, you will be able to put your advertising budget on traffic that will scale your business at a higher level. This way, you will earn more commissions and you will advertise your business at the right place without losing money on poor traffics sources.

In conclusion, ClickMagick will for sure help you to get more sales and more recruits to your business. You will keep money in your pocket by choosing better advertising method. You can even try it for free !

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