What is Leased Ad Space ?

Leased Ad Space is one of my tools to generate traffic. This platform let you advertise any businesses via banner ads, text ads and soloads. My prefer way to advertise my businesses is by using soloads. You will be able to send solo email every 30 days. In other words, you will generate traffic for lifetime. For more information, click here.

How to create your first soloads ?

Soloads is a great way to advertise your business. If you are not familiar with soloads, don't worry, I will show you how to do it. Soloads are an email that you are sending to a list of people with your offer. There are many ways to send solo email. You can buy click from others onlime marketers that already have their list. You can also use site like LeaseAdSpace.

When you buy a package level-1 on LeasedAdSpace, you can send soloads every 30 days. This means you can send a different offer every 30 days (or the same one if you only have one business to promote).

Go to your backoffice and click on "Member Area / Send Solo Email".

You will need 3 things to send your first solo email : a subject, an email body and your link to your offer. This is the form you will have to use to send your first soloads.

This is a sample with one of my offer :
This will look similar to this :

Subject: Get UNLIMITED Leads For Your Business For FREE !



I love it when I hear about a great idea that really works.

I just found an amazing new way to get free leads on a daily basis.

(and it works like crazy)

Seriously, you HAVE to see this!

Get instant access now.


Your link : https://goo.gl/w6boiB

What can I advertise on Leased Ad Space ?

You can advertise any business or offer on this platform. My suggestion is to advertise more than one business to build multiple incomes streams. If you don't have more than one business, I recommand to advertise something free like Free Lead System Forever. This marketing system is perfect to build your list and get more leads for your primary business.

Proof & Progress & Results

I started using LeasedAdSpace on september 13th 2016.


1I am having log in problems, can you please help?
Answer: This is always human error, we have no known technical glitches preventing you from logging in. Please read this page carefully. http://www.leasedadspace.com/login/loginHelp
2Can I edit my solo ad?

Answer: No, you can not edit solo ads, the minute you send them, they are sent immediately to all subscribed members to their email address. Its impossible to pull them back, they have already gone out. It is just like sending an email like this one I am sending you, I can not edit it after I hit send.

They also get sent to the ad blog, which we do not edit these as well, because, if we did, every time a program no longer existed or a link didn't work anymore, we would spend hours everyday editing peoples links. We have thousands of members, it would take a whole dedicated team, hours every day just to change peoples links in the adblog. And we can not do this. This is one reason our solo ad benefits are a permanent part of all traffic packages. With thousands of members sending solo ads, can you imagine how much time it would take to edit people's ad blog post every time they made a mistake in their solo ads...?

Because like the Pearl level a lone you can send 1 solo ad to the entire subscribed database every 28 days forever! And every time you send one out, you write it from scratch, so it will not be the same one anyway. Please watch this video: https://youtu.be/yJ_u8lC-R-k

3I purchased a traffic package, but it has not been confirmed yet, can you do it?

Answer: Please allow your seller at least 48 hours to confirm your traffic package purchase, before sending us a support ticket, and first email the seller, because they are the one you paid. This is a member to member payment system, we do not touch your money, unless we happen to be the person you are paying, because we make our money the exact same way you do.

And keep in mind, that no one is online 24/7, and people live in totally different time zones.

4How do I edit my banner and text ads or why are my banner and text ads not running yet?
Answer: There are three little blue icons directly across to the right from the title of your ads on your dashboard. The minus sign is to reduce impressions, the plus sign is to add impressions, the pencil icon, it to edit or totally change the ad. We do not do this for you, you decide what you are advertising and how you are running your ads.
5I purchased a traffic package, why is it not showing on my dashboard, it says just visiting?

Answer: You forgot to send the transaction id through on the payment instruction page. So go back to the purchase traffic package page, and click on the payment processor you used, and when it opens up on the right hand side is a place to send the transaction id through, so you can get approved for your traffic purchase by the person you paid. Purchasing Your First Traffic Package : https://youtu.be/LTL8OifX5r8

6Why did my referral pay someone else?

Answer: You do not have all three payment providers listed in your profile as a method of accepting payments or you do not own the traffic package being purchased.

While we understand that not everyone can obtain an account at all three of our preferred payment providers, our primary concern is the ease of our new customers in obtaining advertsing packages. Most plans such as ours handle problems like this with a process called "changing uplines". This allows people to purchase a package from a different member when the original member is not able to accept the payment type that the customer is offering. Unfortunately, this upline change is often permanent. The problem is that this only solves the problem for the initial purchase. Future purchases of higher level packages are made from upline members, and can again run in to the same "seller does not accept this payment method" problem.

Instead, our system allows customers to "walk up the line" until they find an upline member who does accept the payment type that the customer can provide. This ensures that payments "stay in the family tree" and provides the most seamless purchasing experience for our customers. However, it does mean that you can a lose out on a payment if you don't accept the preferred payment type of your customer. For this reason we highly encourage all members to set up accounts with all three payment providers if you don't already have them, and configure them in your Leased Ad Space profile. Our system will still work for you if you only have one or two of the three supported payment providers, but you may miss out on sales. And you may also get pass up commissions from people in your downline, because you have a payment processor listed in your account that they do not. So it will usually work out, because some people only use paypal, others use all three, some only use, payza or solid trust pay, depends on the country in which they live, and what payment processors they have access to.

Please read the faqs page in its entirety and very carefully. FAQ

You must also own the traffic package the customer wishes to purchase, based on the compensation plan.

So if you refer to the chart on the how it works page, Matrix Breakdown.

7Where do I find my affiliate links?
Answer: log in, then click on the big red "Member Area" tab in the top page menu, then from the drop down menu click on Affiliate Tools. Understanding Your LAS Members Area : https://youtu.be/b14uW4-JHSY
8I do not understand how to set up my ads?

Answer: Please watch this video it will walk you through it. Setting up your traffic packages: https://youtu.be/CrCqTPoudbI

9Where can I find more information about Leased Ad Space ?

You can look on the FAQ section on the website.

10Can I have more than one business advertised ?
Of course… You can advertise as many business you have. You have to respect the restriction of your current package. Advertising is based on the package level being purchased as outlined in the How It Works page.
11What is the cost to advertise on Leased Ad Space ?
You can start advertising on this traffic platform for only 7$ (one-time).