How To Use Herculist to Promote Power Lead System (Lead Lightning)

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May 13, 2017
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May 17, 2017
Two days ago, I met someone in the official Facebook group of Power Lead System and we started to talk together. She talked about her traffic source called "Herculist". This is a safelist that it gave her sales on the first day.

I decided to take a look at that site and I joined this site as a PRO member. As soon as I joined, I decided to send my first post to all members. The exact same thing that my friend did. And guest what ? I make a sale (a GOLD member in my main program Power Lead System).

The membership is only 24.95$ per year and we can post our offers every 48h to all 77318 members. This is why I joined it. The more eyeballs you put in front of your offers, the more you will get signups. You always have to keep this in mind.

Traffic, traffic and still traffic ! This is how you will get more sales in your programs. It will also build you a bigger list. At a certain point, it will snowball and it will rocket your business.

Now, let's show you how I did it ...

1- Join Power Lead System (Lead Lightning)

If you are reading this article, maybe your are already a member of Power Lead System. If not, you can join this marketing system for only 7$ and you will be able to get a complete marketing system to promote any online business that you are currently trying to promote.

2- Join HercuList as a PRO member

HercuList offers you a FREE membership, but it allows you to send only 1000 random HercuList members every day. Remember, the more eyeballs in front of your offers, the more signups you will get. I recommend to signup with the PRO membership. It's really cheap and you will get better results from Herculist.

3- Log into your HercuList's backoffice

This step should be easy ...

4- Go to the HercuList's Members Area

After login, you will see an ads in the first screen. Just look above this ads and you will see a menu. Click on "Members Area".

5- Send your first post to all members

On the members area, you will see that you are a PRO member at the top of your screen (upper left). Then, click on "E-mail database". You will now be able to write your post and promote Power Lead System.

This is the post I used. Keep it simple and personnalized with your own words and own story.

6- Repeat step 3-4-5 every 48h

That's it ! It's not hard to do. Isn't it ?

Now, repeat steps 3 thru 5 every 48 hours. If you want more traffic and get more direct sales, promote Power Lead System and LeasedAdSpace. The first day, you promote Power Lead System, 2 days later, you promote LeasedAdSpace. LeasedAdSpace will give you direct commissions and the first package start at 7$ onlyl. With this strategy, you will build two income streams and generate more sales.

Proof of income

My results are not typical: This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

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